Wednesday, 16 November 2016

About Mushrooms

Most of us enjoy the occasional walk in the bush, some more than others. Some people will go for an easy going stroll through the local park while others will go on a two day hike in rough forest and harsh conditions.

We have different reasons for doing this, maybe it helps us relax or get away from it all, some people do it for sport, others like to bond with nature and some just love the wild, the trees and the birds!!! Whatever the reason, we decide to go for a bush walk, we wake up early in the morning have breakfast, put on our hiking boots, pack some lunch and hot tea, throw the camera bag over our shoulders, hop in the car and have a great day in the wild!!! Lots of photos are taken.
When the film is developed, we look proudly over our colorful creations and remember all the different landscapes we saw, maybe some plants or trees that looked lovely against the sunlight and some snaps of friends who joined us on the hike.

This site is exactly like the title suggests, a small glimpse into the world of mushrooms, yes, mushrooms, the little plant like organisms that we walked right past or even stepped on during our hike but didn't even see them. Or maybe we did see them but paid no attention or maybe didn't even recognize them as mushrooms and if we did, we called them toadstools and carried on walking.

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